Command International Security offers a portable security headquarters (trailer), where the Security Officer can monitor the electronically-controlled alarm system. Now you can secure your commercial or residential construction site twenty-four hours a day, everyday, with a customized security package designed to your exact specifications. Command International Security Services is the security industry’s leader in security of construction sites. Innovative, specialized technology and equipment enables our officers to efficiently oversee large areas from a single command post. Command International Security Services offers On-site trailer packages with officer who patrols the grounds when your employees leave for the day. These officers observe and report any site disturbances by documenting them on daily reports. Command International Security Services has taken an unprecedented stance in its trailer package by providing a superior level of accountability on job sites by equipping all trailers with innovative, highly sensitive alarm panels. These specially engineered panels are linked to wired or wireless strategically-placed smart sensors around hot zones¬† and other client-specified locations on the site. When an alarm is triggered, the trailer officer is alerted by the Command Center and is dispatched to investigate the disturbance. By adding this extra level of security, the communication gap between the trailer officer, the client, and Command International Security Services is closed. The combination of the physical deterrence of a security officer along with technological vigilance enables Command International Security Services to provide an integrated solution. we specializes in on-site construction security. We serve the construction industry including property owners, real estate developers, building contractors ad trade subcontractors. Security on a project is managed by placing infrared sensors around the perimeter of the site, large warning sighs as well as highly visible security trailer While consistently expanding our services, Command International Security Services continues to offer reliable, professional security officer in the industry. Our expansion Throughout California demonstrates our desire to continue providing high quality, effective and affordable security solutions. When you award Command International Security to protect your construction site or abandon property, we provide complete care solution with trained security officer(s), the tools & support at much lower cost than our competitors. We propose to provide & install fully qualified unarmed / armed Security Officer to cover the job site from your designated hours and during designated holidays staffed at your direction. Each security officer is provided with a telephone or radio and shall make random patrols around the job site. An electronically controlled alarm system consisting of an alarm control panel and infrared sensor eyes strategically located around the perimeter of the job site. A portable security headquarters (trailer, pictured above), where the Security Officer can monitor the electronically-controlled alarm system. All portable security headquarters are equipped with fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Lighting to cover the security headquarters at the job site. Sufficient warning signs to be posted around the perimeter fence of the job site. Certificates of General Liability, Workmen Compensation and Automobile Insurance. Call Command International Security today, we can conduct free evaluations, advising you of the best possible combination of services for your site(s). We can design a security package that meets your specific site requirements, while continuing to offer the most competitive rates and professional reliable services in industry!