Command International Security Services  Is California Based Security Company specializes in creating crime prevention programs for communities, neighborhoods, small businesses and organizations, schools, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, municipalities and others. Our major goal is Professionalism; our greatest strength is that we are still fundamentally dedicated to reaching it for Our Clients …., every employee and every other client. Command International Security Services offers unmatched customer service, reliability and professionalism that our clients have come to enjoy. Over 65% of our new clients are gained as a result of a current or former client referral. The fact that our retention rate is very high tells you something, as does the fact that some of our clients have been with us for long periods of time At Command International Security Services we believe our services are vital to your operations safety, security & success. To achieve that goal, we will create a custom solution to fit your needs. It is an often quoted maxim at Command International Security Services that the fundamental key to our business success is our effective and creative management. Through policies and procedures, staff managers must have the ability to lead and formulate a company environment where each employee’s internal motivation can flourish. Management understands that in order to provide total quality service to YOU, and all of our clients, we must provide total quality support to our employees. We have consistently set the gold standard for the security services industry. Through our uniquely intelligent approach to company policies and procedures, we have created a dynamic, progressive and innovative position in the security field. We invite you to explore our strategic approach to security solutions.

Will provide to all Security officers and/or clients with the following:

  • Bicycle (based on the clients needs).
  • Hand Radio / Pager and Cell Phones.
  • Outdoor Warning Signs.
  • 24 Hr Field Supervisor/24 hr dispatch.
  • Bicycle (based on the clients needs).
  • Daily Activity Report Incident Report / Visitor Log Report.
  • Daily Patrol Report (Guard Patrol System, based on the client needs.
Providing security solutions that makes your life easier


Trailer Security

Command International Security offers a portable security headquarters (trailer), where the Security Officer can monitor the electronically-controlled alarm system

Standing Guard

PCommand International Security recognizes the importance for our business clients to limit shrinkage and implement loss prevention techniques.

Guard Card Training

1 Day Guard Card Training Course for Just $40 “Schedule today and Come tomorrow”

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-: Join our team & start your career as a Guard Master Officer. It’s our mission to recruit the best as we always recruiting professionals, highly motivated & well presented Security Officers to join our team!